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How Much College Credit is My Apprenticeship Worth?

The NJATC has had repeated questions recently concerning how many semester hours of college credit individuals will receive when they complete their apprenticeship training. Questions have also been put forth as to why the amount of college credit sometimes differs (based on year of completion) between individuals completing the same year of apprenticeship. Good questions that deserve clear, concise answers.

To effectively address these logical and well founded questions, we have produced a special College Credit chart designed to assist you in determining the proper amount of college credit semester hours earned by an individual (year by year) as they complete one of our apprenticeship programs. Hopefully, this illustrative chart will clarify any existing questions or misunderstandings concerning the amount of credit earned.

College credit is calculated on an individual basis and it can vary. The variance is created by two contributing factors: changes in the NJATC curriculum, and credit evaluation changes resulting from a curriculum review conducted by the American Council on Education (ACE) — these reviews are conducted every three years and are mandatory in order to maintain ACE certification. Changes that have transpired thus far are indicated on the attached College Credit chart.

To find an individual’s college credit total, you will need to know the date s/he finished each year of apprenticeship. With that established, the first step, in determining the amount of credit earned, is to look on the College Credit chart and find the proper section for the apprenticeship program the individual completed (i.e. Inside Wireman, Outside Lineman, Residential Wireman or Telecommunications Installer-Technician). You will notice that Residential Wireman and Telecommunications Installer-Technician only have one Version, therefore, everyone completing these two programs currently receives the same number of college credit hours. For the Inside Wireman and Outside Lineman programs, it’s a different story. To determine the proper credit for these two programs, you will need to know the date that the apprentice completed each year of apprenticeship. Once that is determined, match the completion date for the First Year of apprenticeship with the proper range that appears in the “Date Range” column by finding the range that contains the specific completion date you are interested in. Note the number of hours that appear in the 1st Yr column for that Version of the curriculum. Next, find the applicable date range for the completion date of the Second Year of apprenticeship. Note the number of hours that appear in the 2nd Yr column for that particular Version of the curriculum. Continue this process for the remaining years of apprenticeship. After you have written down the number of hours for each completed year, add them together to get the total number of college credit semester hours for that particular individual.

In addition to the credits identified above, anyone that completed the NJATC’s Tech Math course (from August 1998 to the present) is entitled to an additional three (3) hours of college credit.

If you have any questions, or need further clarification of the information provided herein, please call the NJATC office at 301.715.2300.
College Credit Semester Hours
Find number of hours awarded by curriculumn version (applicable date range) and compleated year of apprenticeship.
Inside Wireman
Version Date Range 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year Total Hours
I Dec. ‘82 - Oct. ‘97 7 Hrs 9 Hrs 11 Hrs 11 Hrs 9 Hrs 47
II Nov. ‘97 - July ‘00 4 Hrs 9 Hrs 12 Hrs 13 Hrs 12 Hrs 50
III Aug. ‘00 - Present 9 Hrs 10 Hrs 11 Hrs 10 Hrs 15 Hrs 55
Outside Lineman
Version Date Range 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Total Hours
I Nov. ‘84 - July ‘00 10 Hrs 11 Hrs 9 Hrs 30
II Aug. ‘00 - Present 8 Hrs 7 Hrs 10 Hrs 25
Residential Wireman
Version Date Range 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Total Hours
I April ‘98 - Present 9 Hrs 10 Hrs 8 Hrs 27
Telecommunications Installer-Technician
Version Date Range 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Total Hours
I Feb. ‘98 - Present 10 Hrs 14 Hrs 13 Hrs 37
Telecommunications Installer-Technician
Version Date Range Total Hours
I August ‘98 - Present 3
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